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LAKES AREA REALTY is a LandMark in the Uptown Community as the Largest independent brokerage in Minnesota.

This endeavor starts with configuring a property for you. I would like to invite you to contact me as your real estate agent. Bringing a midwestern-value mindset, the intent is about getting the job completed, together. 

We’ll navigate with the ability to see a future in your direction and then head towards that common goal. The fast action and due diligence of my professionalism, the movement of the market, the interest rates and other logistics, can put this venture in the right place. You’re only an Email away; Smile@KimberlyMillerRealtyh.Com. 

Thank you for reading this Smile profile and enjoy your day!

Kimberly Miller, 612-710-2609


Interior Insight

SELLER: Value grade preparation starts with tidying up those odds and ends of your home.

Lean in the direction of confidence, it will help the outlook of buyers migrating your direction.

Keep the next destination in balance with the currant situation. It will make it easier for everyone to cope.

PACKING & CLEANING: Everyone loves bubbles. Fashion your cleaning style like a Pro.

Nothing works better than a Moving Kit Bin. This Bin could go beyond measure, every home is different, make your list comfortable for a great outcome.

Matching rooms with numbers can bring confusion to a halt. Label the boxes clearly in a consistent spot. Liquids may be placed in a plastic tote so the cardboard box doesn’t get wet.” Nothing’s better than dry goods deciding they want to be free in the middle of a move.”

Somethings are just difficult. A picture or two may be best bundled with assembled items. Front/back labels help when one doesn’t know what an item is; “HDMI what”? To some a fishing pole and an antenna look the same…just sayin!

Theme that move & make it fun! Please take safety precautions. Every home has a status size that may fluctuate. Stay hydrated, bring snacks; time is money but food is fulfilling. Be safe!

BUYER: Aligning your budget is a major part of the process. A pre-qualification may be in mind or exploring other options.

Take care of the do’s and don’ts ahead of time. This sets the precedent of less hiccups throughout the transaction at hand, and provides calmer nerves as well.

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